Centre de Médecine Héraclès

Centre de Médecine Héraclès

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Centre de Médecine Héraclès
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The Medical Center Héraclès, located near Binche, brings together various health professionals, including doctors, psychologists, pedicurists and a paramedical team. The Center also offers art and culinary workshops for children and parents.

The Medical Center contacted us because they wanted to have a better online presence and have a website that provides all the necessary information regarding the health professionals for their patients, but also details about the events they are organizing and the news they want to share with their visitors.

We have crafted this online platform from scratch since the Medical Center didn’t have a website before. Based on discussions with our client, we have developped a very clear and friendly design that brings out the content. To make our solution clean and simple to use and manage for the client, we have decided to use custom post types for events, and made the content and articles fully customizable.

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