Gisèle Zanellato

Gisèle Zanellato

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Gisèle Zanellato
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Gisèle Zanellato is an unusual artist. She creates scenes where images from different sources like paintings, tapestries, pieces of architecture and photographs are intertwined without apparent logic to reconstruct a unique world. These unexpected combinations with a hint of derision lead us in a surrealistic and fantastic universe with an accessible visual vocabulary.

Gisèle Zanellato contacted us in order to revamp and refresh the design her previous website running on Drupal. The old website didn’t have an intuitive layout, was hard to manage and got a design our client was not happy with anymore.

For this project we have discussed with our client to identify the key sections and elements of the layout. Our solution now displays all the artist’s creations and news, as well as the upcoming events in a modern and intuitive way to provide a better user experience for her visitors. We have also build a very easy to manage backoffice so Gisèle Zanellato can fully administrate her website in a few clicks.

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