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Meet My Job

Meet My Job

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Meet My Job
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Meet My Job is a startup located in Brussels. Their mission is to increase the number of perfect matches between talents and companies! To do so, they provide a list of innovative belgian startups that offers job openings. Each company and job opening has a dedicated page with information and details. The potential applicants can directly apply to the jobs while being on the web platform. Meet My Job will then recontact them for the next steps.

Meet My Job contacted us because initially they developed their website on Wix. But since Wix is pretty limited if you start to get several pages, they got stuck in their increasing development and wanted their website to be implemented on WordPress.

We used and improved the original design in order to provide a better experience for the end user. We also redesign completely the responsive design of the website which was poorly handled by Wix. The result is a faster, lighter and better coded website that supports all devices and does not have any limitation for Meet My Job.

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