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On mange comment ce soir
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Lucie Flament is a dietician situated in Mons. Very quickly she realized a problem: people lack of ideas when it comes to cooking. This problem leads to monotony, a lack of food pleasure and nibbling after eating. In order to help and relieve her patients, Lucie proposes dietetically correct and easy achievable recipes, as well as afterwork events in which she leads workshops based on dietary themes.

Lucie contacted us because she was looking for a modern looking and easy to use website on which she could share all her healthy recipes and workshop events.

With that in mind, we have elaborated a clean and cheerful design that matches what Lucie had in mind as well as a very easy recipes and events management system so that Lucie can manage them in a few clicks. On top of that we have also crafter a minimalist logo for the website and optimized it for SEO and loading speed.

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