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Solstice Avocates

Solstice Avocates

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Solstice Avocates
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Founded in 2020, Solstice Avocates is the result of a long-standing collaboration between five women lawyers who share the same ideals of solidarity and justice. Their fields of activity go from foreign law to social law.

Based in Brussels, Solstice Avocates previously had a very old and not very attractive website. After changing their logo they also wanted to renew their online presence and contacted us to come up with a brand new, modern and intuitive platform that displays all the information about the firm the visitors might look for, but also separate pages for each one of the lawyers with full and customizable information and sections.

To help Solstice Avocates manage the website with ease we have developed a custom post type that handles all the lawyers data that is displayed on their personal page. With that they can easily modify, add and delete information in a few clicks.

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